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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A discussion on Scientific Heritage of India

Explore your heritage
A discussion on
Scientific Heritage of India

Do you Know ?
Some of the surgical instruments which we use even today are designed by Sushruta.Transparency in metals achieved only in India.Baudhayana has given the right angle triangle theorem centuries before Pythagoras.
And many more….
During the colonization of India, a trend was set by British in a systematic manner, to discard all traditional systems of knowledge in India and to look at traditional systems with contempt. Unfortunately, this trend continued further after independence. This resulted in the neglect of all the traditional knowledge systems, practices and indigenous science and technology systems of India.

You also come to know our rich contributions to the field of Science & Technology
Lectures by Eminent personalities

Dr. Shatavadhani R Ganesh
Philosophies of Indian Science
Dr. S Balachandra Rao
Mathematics and Astronomy
Dr. S Shamasundar
An approach to understanding Indian Scientific Heritage
Saturday, 17th December 2005
ANANYA, 91/2, 4th Main,
[between 12th & 13th Cross],
Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560 003.

3.45 PM to 7.30 PM [5.15 to 5.30 coffee break]

Entry Fees : Rs 50/- [Rupees fifty only], can be paid on spot.
Please be seated before 15 minutes.

Registration Deatails
Register by sending an email / or by phone call. Pay the amount on the spot on 17th Dec 05.
Email – yugayatri@gmail.com, yugayatri@yahoo.co.in
Phone – Santhosh [9448891472], Kiran [ 9886250309]

Monday, October 24, 2005


YUGAYATRI is organizing a weekend residential camp for working professionals from 25th to 27th [Friday evening to Sunday evening] November 2005.


Indian youth always have a desire to discover their cultural roots, to know a little more about the basic tenets of Bharateeya culture, know its origin, appreciate its multifarious rituals and symbols manifesting in the form of temples, art, dance, music and festivals, have a glimpse of the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavadgitha, Yoga, Meditation and so on.
To cater these long felt needs of our youth, ROOTS program was launched in 1996 in Bangalore. ROOTS is a weekend residential camp for initiation to the exploration of our roots.

ROOTS camp – When? Where?
YUGAYATRI is organizing the “ROOTS” program in the last week of November 2005. This residential weekend camp (25th to 27th November 05) will be held in the outskirts of Bangalore, in a serene atmosphere of Prashanti Kuteeram, Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Jigani (~34 km from IIMB). This camp is open for all working professionals like software engineers, doctors, lawyers etc. [To and fro transport will be arranged to Prashanti kuteeram from a common point in Bangalore.]

The camp includes
Introduction to Yoga, Meditation, Sanskrit etc.
Practice of Pranayama, Simple asanas etc.
Lecture & demonstrations on music, dance.
Specially prepared audio-visual tours & presentations.
Close interaction with scholars, social workers & scientists.

Some of the possible Speakers
Dr. Nagendra - former NASA scientist and IISc faculty.
Prof. NVC Swamy, former IIT Chennai Director
Prof. Mahadevan, Faculty, IIM B.
Dr. Shatavadhani Ganesh, Linguist & Scholar
Dr. R. Nagarathna, Famous Yoga therapist
Dr S V Subramanyam [ Former Principal N D A , Pune]
Many more eminent Speakers will be participating in the discussions.

Some of the Topics to be covered

History of Bharat – High points of Indian civilisation.
Essence of Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita.
Bharateeya paradigms of management, politics, economics, ecology & administration.
Dharma and its social relevance, Understanding today’s Bharat.
Gods and Goddesses, pooja, prayers, festivals and their significance.
Contributions of Bharateeyas in the fields of humanities, science & technology.
Stories of great Indians, epics and scriptures.


Please send the completed registration form to YUGAYATRI, along with the DD for Rs. 800/- favouring “YUGAYATRI” – payable at Bangalore.

YUGAYATRI, 21/B, 9th main, Shankarnagar, Mahalakshmipuram, Bangalore – 560 096
Ph : 080-23578292,

For more Details contact any one of the following.

94488 91472 / 98860 33940
Radhakrishna Holla
98801 41722, 5766 5679
Kiran C B



Contact address

Age (Years)

Sex (M/F)

Occupation / Company







Interests and Hobbies

Donation of Rs. 800/- is paid by Cheque / DD payable to "Yugayatri, Bangalore".
( Cheque / DD no. Bank : )

I undertake to abide by the rules of the camp and cooperate with the organizers to maintain the dignity, serenity and overall quality of the camp.

With regards,

( )

1. Fees include dormitory accommodation, food and other facilities.
2. Please send the filled registration form with DD / Cheque to the below address:

21/B, 9th main, Shankara Nagara,
Mahalakshmipuram, Bangalore-560093
Ph : 080 – 2357 8292

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Feed back about ROOTS camp from earlier participants

“Informative, refreshing, educative and entertainment too.. !”
Rohit B R, Senior Engg. Insulica Semi Conductors Pvt. Ltd,

“The camp has helped me in overcoming the inferiority inside me and has boosted the confidence. It made me to be proud of our culture and our nation. I have decided to practice Yoga and Meditation, which will really help to reduce our stress, and makes our life peaceful. I was waiting for an opportunity to get more knowledge about the culture. Thanks to Yugayatri for giving me such an opportunity to participate in the camp and enrich my personality. I realized that two days is too less!! But it had triggered our interest on it, so that we can start studying further.”
- Radhakrishna Holla, Software Engg. Philips Software Pvt. Ltd.,
- radhakrishna.holla@philips.com

“ROOTS programme is good to refresh myself from day to day hectic schedule in Bangalore, particularly calm and cool environment of here refreshed me”.
- Brijesh Kumar Singh, Testing Engg. Globaledge Software Pvt. Ltd., Brajesh4all@yahoo.com

“Good combination of events from history & culture, clubbed with today’s relevance. Most appreciable is serene environment.”
- Suvardhana, Software Engineer, Ness Technologies.,

“ROOTS is very good. I got a platform to interact with eminent personalities to get their guidance and understand things related to our culture and Self. Overall- a good experience to shapeup one’s personality.”
- K Sreesha, Software Engg. C G I Information Systems,

“Overall I had a fantastic experience. I had come to this camp with least expectations, but I am returning from ROOTS with lots of hopes, conviction, knowledge and confident about myself and my culture.”
- P Prashant, Software Engg. FCI Technology Services,

“ROOTS is a nice enjoyment of Yoga, Food and Cultural activities.”
- Tilak B T, Application Engg. Prosim R & D Centre,

“It is a great combined process where in I interacted with many new people and learnt more about my own self and self management. And definitely learnt how to achieve perfection in my life by doing yoga and practicing it.”
Vishal Kumar, Software Engg.

“Excellent experience, thanks for introducing fascinating things about health, carrier, ancient history and wisdom. “
- Reno K Subramanyam, Tech-Head (South India),
- Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics,

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Malt Break

Friday, September 30, 2005


Discussion on Indian Philosophy with Sri Gokul Muttu

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Play & develop as group – participants playing games Unforgettable Journey through Cultural India – Bharat Darshan

by Sri Vidyananda Shenoy [in the chair].


Do we have any social responsibilities ?

Dialogue with Social worker Srikanth Betageri

Open forum discussion

Concluding session before wrap-up.
Let’s have a group photo , Sunday 6.00 pm 25th September - 05

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sunday, 31st July, 6:00 PM : journey begins..

Hope you are all eagerly awaiting to know about ROOTS camp!

OK folks, here is brief update as per the timeline. More details, feedback from the participants with group photo will follow later..

Friday, 29th July
1745 : Participants reached Rashtrothan Kendra at Chamarajpet
1800 : Snacks :-)
1830 : Invocation song by kannada film play back singer Ms.Nagachandrica
1840 : Self Introduction by the participants.
1855 : Dr. Shamasundar gave brief introduction about YUGAYATRI & ROOTS.
1925 : Shri V Nagaraj took session on "Scientific Heritage of India"
2030 : Driver said it's time to move..all participants boarded bus, lot of enjoyment went on with songs and Dumbsy games.
2130 : Reached Prashanti.. had dinner with sweets & fruits
2215 : nisha svasti -> Finished dinner and lights off ..

Saturday, 30th July
0530 : Jagaran & Time to get ready for Yoga practice, some took bath in cold water before other wake up & proved their self control.
0615 : Prathahsmarana / Dynamic Excersises / Om Meditation
0815 : Breakfast with kesaribhat, pongal and Malt*
0900 : Cyclic meditation – some went to sleep during practice.
0945 : Upanyasa by Swami Dayananda Saraswati
1115 : Session on Natural History by Dr. N S Rajaram. It focused on the South East Asia, and he answered satisfactorily to all the questions rose.
1300 : Lunch Break, we had nice lunch with payasa / Rest
1445 : "Self Management" by Dr. K Subramanyam , explained ancient wisdom to manage ourselves in a effective manner to meet the speedy / ever growing requirements of modern era.
1600 : Pranayama
1700 : Malt with crispy Kodubale many participants took others part also.
1715 : Time for a game of Volleyball. Some guys play really good volleyball, though some played for the opponent teams:-) , some went for walking to tune themselves with the beautiful serene atmosphere.
1845 : Session on Integrated Approach to Yogic Therapy by Dr R Nagaratna, all learnt how to be relaxed amidst the hectic schedule of office work.
1930 : Dinner with sweet pongal and also had bananas.
2030 : Ballet on Mohini Bhasmasur and Karnataka Shilpakala Vaibhava by Prabhat Kalavidaru (Artistes)
2230 : Lights off.

Sunday, 31st July
0530 : Jagaran & Time to get ready for Yoga practice
0615 : Prathahsmarana / Suryanamaskara / Exercises for back pain, fingers, joints, wrist, and knees / Om Meditation
0815 : Breakfast with shavige payasa and Malt.
0900 : Upanyasa by Swami Dayananda Saraswati on consciousness
1030 : Session by Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh, on Bharatiya culture, traditions, rituals and festivals.
1145 : Malt break
1200 : Discussion & Question & Answer session with Dr R Ganesh
1300 : Lunch Break / Rest
1430 : Professionals in Seva Presentation by Sri Ganapathy Kottur
1530 : Open Forum discussion / experience / expectation by participants
1630 : Concluding session by Dr. S Shamasundar
1700 : Malt and Feed back filling
1715 : Flute concert by participant Sri Shivakumar B R
1800 : Wrap up.

....for all the wonderful participants a long journey to understand Bharat & Bharateeya Samskriti begins at this moment. Thanks to all enthusiastic participants. Looking forward to next ROOTS camp. Details will be published soon. Keep visiting this blog.

*Note : BTW, What is this Malt Break? Ask any of the participant :-)